Julie Rosenthal

Julie Rosenthal


Advisor-in-Chief. Connector. Master strategist.


Julie has a knack for elevating the message or mission of organizations, companies and thought leaders through strategic and perceptive marketing communications programs. Her goal is always to ensure that campaigns reach their highest potential of brand and thought leadership awareness. Clients appreciate Julie’s honest and wise counsel, as well as her expertise and confidence as a strategist, rapport with media, and her seamless ability to connect clients with people they need to meet.


Julie’s experience covers a number of industries and has a special flare for working with organizations and thought leaders making an impact in education, disability rights and community building. Specific industries in her wheelhouse include nonprofit, government, telecommunications, consumer, retail, start-ups, and more.


When she’s not working on strategy with clients, Julie is keeping up with her two tween sons, hiking with Lola her Beagle mix rescue, or spending time in the neighborhood she loves to call home – Glen Echo, Maryland.