DC College Access Program (DC-CAP)

One of DC’s best-kept secrets, the DC College Access Program (DC-CAP) helps thousands of students prepare for, enroll in and graduate from college. By capitalizing on a dynamic CEO and an exceptional board while shining a spotlight on success stories, JR Communications helped put DC-CAP on the map.


After shepherding the shift to a more proactive communications approach,  JR Communications moved DC-CAP from a low-visibility player to a high-visibility player. How? By demonstrating the ROI of coordinating external and internal communications across all audiences and channels, building relationships with local and national education journalists, and telling DC-CAP’s story through the challenges and triumphs of the students and families it serves.


JR Communications further expanded DC-CAP’s communications platform by adding opportunities to tie in with the “news of the day” around college access, such as perennial stories about applying to college and financial aid, and by getting them quoted as an expert source in stories about high school and college success. Today, as its impact continues to grow, DC-CAP wears the mantle of local and national thought leadership well.


Regularly cited in mainstream and trade media as an expert in transforming students’ lives. Boosted and broadened development efforts. Greater visibility among all key audiences.

“In 2006, JR Communications developed a strategy to raise the organization’s visibility to support our development efforts, and their execution of that strategy has been excellent.

They have perceptively adapted with us as we have grown and matured as an organization, helping us to think and act strategically every step of the way.”

—Argelia Rodriguez,
President & CEO, DC College Access Program