Family League of Baltimore

How can a nonprofit that operates behind the scenes increase its profile? Family League of Baltimore mobilizes community-based organizations to help Baltimore City’s children and families thrive. Recognizing that greater visibility was the first step on a path to more powerfully achieve their goals, the then-new CEO (and a former client) asked JR Communications for ideas.



Earned quality, high-profile media coverage. Gained recognition for the organization and its impactful programs, exceptional executives, and stand-out staff. Regarded as a go-to source on the full range of issues they address.

“JR Communications has been a valued partner in Family League’s effort to increase awareness of our mission and accomplishments.

Their thoughtful and thorough approach to executing a media strategy garnered positive attention for our priorities.

We rely on their expertise, research, and wise counsel to help us navigate the thickets of PR and take advantage of new opportunities.”
—Amy Bernstein,
Director of External Relations, Family League of Baltimore