HR Certification Institute

For nearly 40 years, the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) operated largely behind the scenes, offering the HR industry’s most respected and sought-after professional HR credentials. When HRCI abruptly found itself in a competitive environment because the HR industry trade association it was affiliated with decided to offer competing certifications, HRCI needed to make it known that it, and not the association, had been and still was the purveyor of its world-class family of certifications.



Positive shift in industry narrative. Groundswell of advocacy for HRCI certifications. Flourishing brand identity for the organization and its products.

“JR Communications is a must-have resource for any organization undergoing a major shift.

Their ability to synthesize our most complicated news into clear, competitively positioned communications that drive results is just one of the many reasons HRCI is proud to have JR Communications on our side. When JR Communications asks, ‘What does success look like?’ – you can rest assured you will see your answer come to life.”
—Kerry S. Morgan,
Chief Marketing Officer,
HR Certification Institute