Melwood, a trailblazer in creating jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities, needed to gain visibility and credibility among the business community and general public in order to grow its donor base. While Melwood had high name recognition thanks to catchy radio ads promoting its car donation program, there was little understanding of the valuable work the organization was doing.



Generated ongoing and substantive coverage of Melwood’s work, leadership and impact in The Washington Post and top regional business, broadcast, nonprofit and legislative outlets. Earned high profile recognition for Melwood’s CEO and the organization.

“JR Communication’s senior communications pros are great listeners. Their smart, creative and very perceptive, so they can understand, differentiate and really leverage the different aspects of an organization’s story.

But successful communications isn’t just about finding opportunities. Opportunities have to fit into a strategy and make sense and have buy-in. Otherwise it’s a waste of time and energy.

JR Communications excels at every part of the process from listening and strategy development to the fine details of execution. I can’t say enough good things about the team.”
—Janice Frey Angel,
former President & CEO, Melwood