When two former MCI executives set out to launch an independent Internet phone services (VoIP) company in a market already occupied by large and established players, they tapped JR Communications, knowing our telecom industry expertise and reputation for agility and success. The timing and impact of SunRocket’s launch was critical to securing additional venture capital funding and creating product awareness and differentiation.



Quick and impactful execution of new company launch. Secured significant local and national print, trade, and broadcast coverage, turning the spotlight onto a new and capable player amid a field of heavy hitters.

“JR Communications was instrumental in getting SunRocket off the ground quickly in a crowded media space. By focusing our message and creating a high-impact media strategy, they helped to get SunRocket established as an important new entrant in the exploding market for Internet phone services.”
—Paul Erickson, Founder, SunRocket