The Contacts I Keep

The Contacts I Keep

The other day I was creating a new contact on my phone, and it got me thinking about how things have changed. For example, instead of fumbling for business cards in my Rolodex, I now swipe through my smartphone or better yet, use voice activation to bring up a number. And while the way I keep and manage my contacts has moved from paper to paperless, there’s one important thing that stays the same and that’s the relationships I keep with media contacts.

Call me old fashion, but I still feel strongly about keeping and maintaining strong connections with my media contacts. While I can’t say that I know ALL of the editors in DC, I feel confident knowing that I have a selection of editors at most of the publications that are important to my clients that I can call upon and nudge to look at a story idea or ask for a referral to another colleague at the paper who might be interested in the story I’m pitching.

It may sound trivial, to date, whenever I’ve need an immediate reaction to a press release or a story idea, the contacts I keep have been there to help out.

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