5 Ways to Use Social Media in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Many of the nonprofits we work with partner with companies to gain reach, funding, resources, and credibility that help them make a difference.

For these companies, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives like nonprofit partnerships get more important every day as consumers grow more conscious about how goods and services they purchase impact the world. CSR is about more than just giving back—it’s about showing your customers what you stand for.

And communicating what you stand for successfully? Yeah, that’s essential.

We think social media’s a great fit for talking about your company’s social impact. It lets you be authentic, foster connections, and share consistent updates.

Let’s dive into five ways you can use social media to share your CSR efforts.

1. Share impact stories

That feeling when you scroll through your social media feed and stumble upon a compelling story that warms your heart? That’s the power of impact stories.

Share success stories about the lives and communities your corporate social responsibility initiatives have touched. A well-crafted blend of heartfelt write-ups, captivating videos, and compelling photos can work wonders.

This is where, in our practice, we keep the tenets of ethical storytelling in mind. That means respecting our storytellers, being thoughtful, and focusing on their journeys. This isn’t the time to sell or promote your company—that’s for your other marketing efforts. This is the time to show your company’s values to the world. When you share your values, you’ll naturally build loyalty with your customers (no self-promotion necessary here!).

2. Post event updates

Social media makes it easy to give your audience front-row seats to your CSR events from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a thought-provoking speech, an impactful presentation, or a heartwarming moment, livestreams lets your viewers feel the energy and passion firsthand.

For events that require a more delicate approach, such as interactions with the people or communities you’re assisting, offer your audience a glimpse behind the scenes instead. The hustle and bustle of your team setting up, the anticipation before the event. Such snippets not only add a touch of authenticity, but also show the labor of love that goes into your CSR events—and prioritizes the dignity and privacy of those you aim to help.

3. Use a dedicated hashtag

Hashtags—the digital glue that sticks conversations on social media together. Create your own dedicated hashtag for your company’s social responsibility initiatives or choose from a few relevant preexisting ones.

With a dedicated hashtag, your organization can create an online community around its cause. Potential donors, volunteers, and advocates can search for and follow the hashtag to engage with relevant posts and stay up-to-date. And it allows for easy tracking and promotion of content related specifically to your initiative.

Selecting relevant preexisting hashtags is a great option, too. It allows your organization to enter online spaces and become a part of ongoing conversations. It connects your company’s posts about its initiative to other posts about the same topic, improving discoverability and raising awareness. Our partner Samaritan Inns, for example, often uses the hashtag #SoberLife, which connects their posts to other posts about addiction recovery and sobriety—whether by other organizations or individuals.

Use your chosen hashtags consistently to guide interested individuals to your posts and build a shared space for your audience to engage and participate.

4. Empower your employees

Don’t forget about the people behind the scenes—your employees. They can be some of your most effectives advocates on social media when it comes to championing your social responsibility.

Think social media takeovers, where employees temporarily manage your company’s social media accounts and share their personal experiences. Such initiatives humanize your CSR efforts, showcasing the genuine commitment of the people driving change.

Or your employees can share their own stories related to the cause. If an employee has a compelling story as to why they care about your cause, that’s a great thing to share. It shows your audience that your company’s commitment to its CSR initiatives is part of your culture.

5. Amplify partner achievements

In our experience, CSR’s a collaboration between corporate and nonprofit partners. Both work together to make positive change.

Showcase this collaboration by celebrating your partner’s achievements on your social media platforms. Their victories, their milestones, their breakthroughs. It’s a win-win: you extend your support, while also cementing valuable relationships.

No matter what, be consistent and authentic

Here’s what you always need to do when sharing your CSR initiatives on social media. You need to be consistent—and you need to be authentic.

Be consistent by talking about it regularly. Show that it’s not a one-off—it’s a part of your company’s DNA. Whether you share a thought-provoking post, an inspiring update, or a sneak peek into your ongoing projects, keep the conversation alive. By consistently engaging your audience, you reinforce the notion that your corporate responsibility initiatives are not fleeting gestures, but a fundamental part of who you are.

And (as always!) be authentic. One way to make sure you’ve got the right mindset? Think like a nonprofit working for your cause. Your CSR efforts aren’t a marketing ploy. Your posts should raise awareness about the issue and drive support for continued efforts. Authenticity helps you prove to customers looking for socially-conscious companies that you’re a good choice.

Social media’s an amazing way to share your corporate social responsibility initiatives and impact. Do it right, and you’ll connect hearts, raise awareness, and push positive change forward.


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