How to Get the Best of Both Worlds: Partnering with an Outside Agency

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It’s the end of the day, and your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter. There’s still a list of things you want to do, to learn, to accomplish. And those bigger ideas—the ones you daydream about getting to—those get pushed further away. We’ve all been there.

This near-universal challenge is one that we love helping solve in our work. Our JR Communications team joins forces with organizations—many of which already have in-house marketing and communications teams—to get them closer to their goals. Our experience is a perfect balance of collaborating with in-house teams versus managing all marketing and communications for the organization.

Maybe you’re considering if bringing on an outside partner to team up with your internal marketing and communications staff is right for you.

Keep reading to find out why we believe an outside partner can be a game-changer, even for those already equipped with an in-house marcom team.

Help Carry the Load and Expand Your Bandwidth

The desire to achieve more is universal among organizations and small businesses, yet often the constraint lies in not having enough hands on deck to bring those visions to life.

Here’s where an outside partner steps in, not just as additional staff but as a catalyst for progress. They can expand your bandwidth to help you implement that cohesive multichannel campaign, pursue a robust earned media strategy, or lead a new communications program for organizational change.

This is probably the biggest reason to find an outside partner. But you get more than expanded capacity, though.

Bring Specialists To The Table

When you choose an outside agency to partner with, find one with specialists that complement the talent you already have in-house. 

The right outside agency has the perfect blend of skills. When we integrate with an in-house team, we’re able to use our expertise in each of our team member’s niches. We provide insights into the latest industry trends and current strategies, and we’re able to educate our partners on best practices. Plus, we bring in our connections to expand your pool of media contacts.

This infusion of knowledge enhances your team’s capabilities and brings added value to your projects.

Instant Value

An external partner offers benefits over a new hire. You don’t have to manage day-to-day operations.

You can trust them to get the job done, allowing you to focus on the big picture. For the same price as one new hire, you get a whole team without the hassle of daily management.

Challenges Solved With A Helping Hand

  • Agility: When a challenging situation comes up, your in-house team may need to put other projects aside to respond. However, an external agency supports them with the agility to jump in for a rapid response.
  • Capacity: Your outside partner makes it possible to do more, expanding output and strategic opportunities.
  • Third-Party Perspective: “Sometimes organizations need the outside point of view,” says Julie Rosenthal. “We just did this for a client who said, ‘We thought we wanted to pursue that, but weren’t exactly sure right now. It was right in front of us, but we didn’t see it.’” That third-party perspective provides a second opinion to support your strategic direction and helps you identify new opportunities that improve your overall results.

In our practice, we help our partners’ in-house teams with the support they need to pursue specific strategies. Sonya Schweitzer shares that “We help them get the supporting documentation to use up the chain—to get the funds and anything else they need” to move their strategies forward.


If you’re looking for ways to improve your marketing and communications efforts, consider teaming up with an outside partner.

A good partner gives you the capacity to support everything your organization wants to do. They can provide you with the expertise, resources, and support you need to achieve your goals.

When you’re choosing a partner, look for one that can form a team with your in-house staff. One that can integrate. That will make your goals their goals.

That’s how we pursue our partnerships, and we know that’s the best way to make things possible. Every day, we have the privilege of bringing our skills to support the goals of nonprofits and companies that are doing good in the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an outside marketing and communications partner can complement your in-house efforts, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and develop a custom plan that’s right for you.


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