Your Communications Partner’s Secret Identity: Your Trusted Advisor

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When you are looking for a communications partner, you are looking for experts that will help your organization reach its goals through effective communications strategies. Depending on your needs, these strategies could include guiding and creating messaging, developing content, cultivating brand recognition, implementing campaigns, and more.

But what you also get with your communications partner is an important role: a new trusted advisor.

That’s right — they not only manage telling your organization’s story through communications, but also provide key advice in defining results-oriented goals, getting in front of your target audiences, navigating crises, and more.

Here’s how we do this at JR Communications:

By Listening to You

As a leader, you need trusted partners who can listen to your ideas and concerns. As your communications partner, we will be your new ally. Be honest and share your needs with us.

There are many benefits to this. We can offer advice based on our experience supporting other campaigns and organizations as communications professionals while respecting your organization’s unique mission and values. This advice takes into consideration any decision’s impact on your current and upcoming communications strategies.

Additionally, this gives us the opportunity to identify alternative strategies that can support your needs.

By Helping Plan Your Goals

In communications, everything is about moving toward specific results. Each piece — whether web content, social media, or marketing collateral — is intended to bring you closer to your goals.

Your communications partner brings this results-oriented perspective to their role as your advisor. As you establish your goals, we can help you define your strategies to get things done. We can provide insight into different tactics and evaluate how goals fit into your organization’s story.

By including your communications partner in these conversations, you can plan for success in reaching your goals.

By Keeping Your Stakeholders Engaged

You know it’s important to keep your stakeholders engaged, and you spend a lot of time and effort thinking of ways to do so. Your communications partner can streamline this work.

We can coordinate with you to identify your key stakeholders, tailor communications to meet your stakeholder’s needs and your goals, and implement those strategies for you. For example, many earned media campaigns focus on the big hits. At JR Communications, we believe a key to brand building and positioning starts at the grassroots level. Tailoring the campaign to reach community and regional media outlets contributes to the groundswell of brand building. This strategy works well, especially when an organization’s success stories stem from multiple locations. While what your organization does matters at the higher level, stakeholders want to know how your work is impacting the neighbors and community in which they live and work.

We bring expertise in understanding your specific audiences and improving engagement. It’s not just about getting a certain amount of website traffic or likes or social media — it’s about how that attention gets your organization to closer to its goals.

By Guiding Your Crisis Response

The world moves faster every day. As situations arise, you may need to decide if and how your organization should respond.

As experts in navigating urgent situations, we can leverage our experience to help you understand the pros and cons of different responses.

We can proactively work with you to create plans for responding to various situations before they occur. This gives you the opportunity to think without the pressure of needing an immediate response, and to be sure that your plans are consistent with your organization’s mission and values.

By Keeping Your Brand on Message

There are so many different ways to choose to communicate with your audiences. It’s crucial that each piece aligns with your overall communications strategy.

Keep your communications partner in the loop on your organization’s plans. We can advise on how those plans intersect with your messaging and ensure that there’s a consistent narrative for your audience.

Even more, we maintain currency on trends and can offer insights into the impact those trends may have on your current and upcoming strategy.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, a trusted communications partner will do more than generate content and implement strategy. At JR Communications, you will get experts who can help you define your goals effectively, find the best ways to tell your organization’s story, and get valuable insight into responding to many situations.

Your success is your communication partner’s success. Your new trusted advisor is ready to help you chart your organization’s future.


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