Why Encouraging Employee Social Media Is Great for Your Brand

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So, your organization’s LinkedIn page is up and running, you’re posting regularly, and your number of followers is steadily increasing.

Now, how can you amplify your efforts? How do you garner more followers, more responses, and ultimately, more value?

Here’s our take: It’s time to engage your internal team on social media too. Get trusted leaders and key staff posting about your company on their personal pages.

Let’s talk about why.

You’ll Grow Your Social Media Footprint

Look at any popular social media platform, and it’s clear as day that personal accounts outshine brand accounts. Take Instagram, for instance. Of the top 50 most-followed accounts right now, a mere eight belong to brands. The rest? Influencers, artists, athletes.

People are just more interested in personal accounts than brand accounts.

That’s why we advocate for a two-pronged approach. Continue posting on your organization’s account to keep it fresh and valuable for your current followers. At the same time, encourage key team members to share posts from your organization’s page, discuss company news, share pictures from recent events on their own accounts, etc.

As they share, their followers—many of whom don’t follow your company—will start seeing your content. This creates a ripple effect, leading to increased engagement, more views, and heightened visibility.

Your People Are Valuable Messengers

Recent studies reveal that 63% of 18- to 34-year-olds trust influencers more than brands. And relatability to those influencers is twice as important as popularity.

That’s why posts on your team’s personal accounts hold so much value. 

Your team shouldn’t just repost content from your company’s page. They should add their own perspectives, content, and photos.

We said before that those posts will broaden your reach. More than that, though, they’ll resonate a lot more with your audience. It’s a great way to reinforce your messaging and create a memorable touchpoint.

You’ll Humanize Your Brand

If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that people care about people—not logos. 

They don’t open up their social media feeds to hear from a logo. They want to hear from a person. That’s where the connection is.

When your team shares what they’re doing, why they care, and what they think, they humanize your brand. It sends the message that your organization isn’t a logo. It’s a group of people working together on a mission. 

Here’s another thing about being human. We’re not perfect. So perfection shouldn’t be the goal when your team’s posting on social media about your organization. It’s reasonable to set guidelines to protect your reputation and maintain clarity for your audience. As much as possible, though, foster a culture of authenticity, where your team can share their own thoughts and let their unique personalities shine through.

Your unofficial social presence will include a mix of different voices, styles, and maybe a typo or two… and that’s exactly what humanizes your brand.


Whether your organization is going through change, advocating for its mission, boosting brand awareness, or sharing updates on its corporate social responsibility initiatives, bringing your team into your social media strategy is so valuable.

By empowering your team to talk about your organization on social media, you tap into all their personal networks, put a human face on your brand, and create authentic connections that resonate with your audience. It’s worth it.


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